the revolution of business training through gamification

A whole new ballgame in business training


A whole new ballgame in business training

BisGame is a completely integrated, cloud based 3D simulation solution for business training. In a customized virtual ”company environment” your employees practise on realistic challenges and interactions. Classic game features like score systems and ranking make the learning more fun, motivating the employees to repeat the training programs. The result? More efficient and long-lasting learning, to a much lower cost than other web-based solutions.

All-in-one solution

BisGame is built on the latest technologies in gamification and 3D games. It’s a solution that includes not only the training programs but also the learning platform where you instantly can follow up on goals, results and progress. BisGame is usually customized for each organisation, but also available in a standard version accessible for medium-sized companies.

Unique and future-proof features. For real.

There are many learning solutions out there, but only one BisGame.

Active learning by doing

Customized realistic virtual environments and challenges that are fun and engaging.

Better learning results and ROI

BisGame encourages repetition that leads to long-lasting effect.

Customer content control

Training managers can change almost any parameter themselves; dialogue, characters, language etc.

One platform, endless possibilities

Whole or parts of environments, characters, dialogue etc can be reused to build new games.

Scoreboards and competitions

Scoreboards and competitions serve as both assessment tools and engagement boosts for your employees.

All-in-one solution

One portal with both training programs and learning platform showing the results.

Cloud-based and responsive

Available at any time, any place, on any device.

Instant follow-up

Instant follow-up on results with a large set of different reports

Extremely cost-effective

Thanks to flexible and scalable technology.

How BisGame works? Well, let’s find out.

How do we do it? Simply better.

Let’s not get into the technology, let’s just sum up the process. We build and customize the training program/game for each company’s specific needs, recreating all types of environments and characters in realistic virtual simulations of places, people and interactions.


Easy to change, reuse and expand

BisGame allows reuse and adjustments of almost all parts in a training game – environments, characters, scenarios, dialogues. This makes BisGame extremely flexible, agile and cost-efficient compared to other game-based solutions that often require a whole new startup or support project even for the smallest change in one game, not to mention the process of building a new game.


All-in-one platform

BisGame includes integration of measurable KPI’s as well as follow-up for managers and education administrators, all in one portal. The employees can log in and ”play” as often as they want and wherever they want. Managers/administrators can see the results and easily make changes to develop/vary the game or score-levels.


Let’s sum up the benefits, once and for all

For users
  • Fun and engaging – makes them want to repeat and improve the learning process
  • Active learning through gamification – appealing to the millennial generation
  • Independent of time and place – play on tablet, mobile, at home, on travels

For training managers and HR/general management
  • Better training results with long-lasting effect
  • Flexible and scalable – easy to change, scale up and add new games for different departments/situations
  • More satisfied and motivated employees = less staff turnover

For CFO’s
  • Superior cost-effectiveness – low initial cost and low maintenance cost
  • Much more efficient than traditional ”analogue” education
  • Long-term future-proof – an education solution that can grow and change with the organisation
  • Behavior change – BisGame encourages people to repeat, resulting in behavior change

The BisGame short story

Our nearly 25 years of experience within IT and business learning/training have given us solid insights into the different drawbacks of both ”analogue” education, traditional e-learning and existing game-based solutions.

So, we started to develop a business training platform that solves all these problems and shortcomings in an all-in-one solution that meets each company’s specific needs and demands for cost-effective training, and above all a well-educated and motivated work force.

The result is BisGame, that we believe will set a new standard in business training. Learn more – contact us and we’ll show you (and tell you the long story if you want).

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